We are convinced that well tailored and implemented marketing strategies will raise visibility for private and institutional investors


Our dedication is our mission. We provide strategic and tactical solutions optimizing client’s financial perception among investors


We value solid communication with an established network of investors to be the cornerstone for future success.


Our experience is your edge! Industry knowledge and our established relationships allow us to achieve the best results for our clients.

Enhance Your Investment Thesis to the German Speaking Investment Community​

Our marketing expertise provides your company with a success proven targeted outreach program. This
program is designed for early-stage companies as well as for advanced stage companies. We use proprietary
and partner databases to increase the positive perception of your company. Our German website ensures
that your investment case is presented to the targeted audience in their native language.

We ensure that your story is told in a way every investor will understand.

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Why Agorana Media Group?​

For the past 20 years Agorana’s team has built strong relationships with private and institutional investors.
The precursor company was a licensed financial institution in Germany with thousands of clients. The
precursor company has raised and was involved in fundraising transactions exceeding $500 million only for
micro- and small-cap companies. Institutional investors have positioned their clients by buying shares in the
market and/or have participated in private placements. Our team has a diverse range of backgrounds from
brokerage and investment banking to journalism and newsletter writing, passionate and dedicated to
ensuring that every aspect of your story is being told to drive investor and stakeholder awareness.





Why the German Speaking Investment Community?​

  • Frankfurt is the 3rd largest exchange worldwide considering turnover and security dealings (after NYSE & Nasdaq)
  • 100+ million potential investors
  • Traditionally high market participation
  • Reach investors in all asset categories
  • Among the 10 wealthiest countries worldwide
  • Broaden your investor base with long-term shareholders
  • Enhance the liquidity of your stock

Our Services

Amplify your Vision

Create Awareness

Increase Shareholder Value

Agorana‘s high profile marketing support delivers turn-key solutions to address the relevant
audience. We will forge your story to resonate with your audience through transparent and
strategic communications. Our long term established, and success proven marketing channels
deliver your message to the relevant audience. Through a constant loop of communication and by
addressing different groups of investors we will present your investment case and progress over
time. Agorana’s focused and experienced approach will deliver sustained benefits for our clients
and their shareholders.

Our services are designed as a basic package and also offering additional services from a selection of different marketing options to improve investor perception and enhance visibility of your company and building credibility.

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